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One of the world’s most respected experts in simulations, with over 30 years of experience. Here at SIM Technologies Corporation, we strive to be considered by our customers as the best independent and dedicated resource they can use to solve their production, logistics, inventory and supply chain problems. We want to be recognized as a key factor in significantly reducing our customer’s capital and operating costs in order to maximize profitability.


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Key Products (based around needs)

InvestSIM™ – Simulates the complex production process of a major expansion, new process, robotics, or other new equipment to assess the impact and value of the investment and maximize its effectiveness.

  • Reduce risk of a poor investment, saving millions of dollars
  • Reduce the cost of the investment by understanding exact resources needed
  • Reduce management time to make and implement the investment decision
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the new equipment/process

OptimSIM™ – Simulates extremely complex production and supply chain systems to optimize efficiency and output to eliminate production shortfalls and reduce cost.

  • Eliminates production shortfalls by solving complex scheduling problems
  • Saves money
  • Increased production capacity and flexibility
  • By reducing communication and frustration in the scheduling process, produces more satisfied employees and customers

StretchSIM™ – Simulates the impact of a new order, expanded revenue or a new product on a complex production and supply chain system to determine the changes, schedules and resources needed to produce a positive impact on cost and profitability.

  • Determines the wisdom of increasing revenue or adding a new order to the production/supply chain mix
  • Maximizes the efficiency of production with the addition of the new order/profit
  • Helps assess the impact of the new product/order on profitability


STCSIM Technologies Corporation (STC) is an independent, professional engineering services firm, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in understanding and solving production and logistics bottlenecks in the areas of scheduling, resource utilization, capacity constraints, inventory and supply chain management.Delivering:

  • Higher ROI compared to any other provider
  • Documented ability to provide solutions that each save millions of dollars
  • Proven ability to handle the most complex production and logistics problems for the very largest manufacturers
  • Shorter time to deliver and implement the solution than the larger companies
  • The only company to successfully integrate production process simulations and supply chain logistics
  • Output can include daily and weekly production schedules



~Joe Kraemer,

“Over the years STC has continually upgraded software and has been able to meet any requests we have made in regards to changes, improvements etc. We have always found the company to be very knowledgeable with Simulation Software which frankly can be quite complicated.”

Cybertec Product Manager, Mazak


Cybertec Product Manager, Mazak

~Job Richards,

“Using STC gives us an opportunity to see how different layouts and delivery methods will impact traffic congestion during Concept and Planning phases of our projects, identifying issues early in the project saves us rework time during Trial and Confirmation phases and ensures a smooth startup.”

TEMA-PE-Internal Logistics Engineering, Toyota


TEMA-PE-Internal Logistics Engineering, Toyota