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SIM Technologies Corporation

Serving the manufacturing and distribution industries to enhance the efficiency of production and logistics systems.

For a complete, affordable, sound, bottom-line driven solution, SIM Technologies Corporation can be an extension of your resources.

SIM Tech employs an Advanced Manufacturing Analysis technique (AMA).   This approach utilizes the in-depth process knowledge of its staff to create a computer model representing the system or process requiring analysis.

AMA is used to cost-effectively identify where to apply resources to ‘solve’ problems and potentially, save capital.   AMA will rapidly evaluate multiple processes to achieve desired targets before actually committing capital expenditures.

SIM Technologies Corporation will involve the customer every step of the way in its approach to solving the client’s problem.   SIM Technologies Corporation’s proven approach encompasses an on-site meeting to first discuss the system/process definition.   We will then co-develop a functional specification with objectives, assumptions, system description, and approval verification.   We will next move to the data collection phase to gather all pertinent information required to build the ‘Baseline’ simulation model.   Once developed and validated by the client.   SIM Technologies Corporation will proceed to analyze and optimize the information in order to provide the customer with a complete package consisting of recommendations, documentation, and training.

The software tools developed to solve manufacturing and distribution problems have been so successful, that our customers have requested for this capability within their own operations.   The following is a listing of the some of software packages currently available from SIM Tech.