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SIM Technologies Corporation (STC) is an independent, professional engineering services firm, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We specialize in understanding and solving production and logistics bottlenecks in the areas of:

  • Process Optimization
  • Resource Utilization
  • Capacity Constraints
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Traffic Congestion Optimization

STC projects range from the balancing of an existing line to the complete design of a new facility. In each project, our focus is to optimize our customers’ processes, which can result in generating more revenue, reduce costs and increase profits. If, after initial consultations, we do not believe we can accomplish this, we will not accept the assignment. We can at the clients request, facilitate the implementation of our recommendations. STC is independent from any equipment or system vendors. This allows us to provide recommendations to our customers that are totally unbiased.


To be considered by our customers as the best independent and dedicated resource they can use to solve their production and logistics problems. To be recognized as a key factor in significantly reducing our customers’ capital and operating costs.


STC’s principal assets are the stature, reputation and experience of our people. Each member of our staff has been selected for his or her in-depth knowledge, which span multiple business disciplines. Each has more than 20 years of experience from both a technical and financial perspective, in a broad range of industries.
STC engineers and analyst complement their experience with the use of the most advanced analysis techniques to include computer simulation to model the processes of our clients. These tools are used on an as-needed basis to gain understanding of process operations and to predict the behavior of new or improved systems.


STC utilizes the in depth process knowledge of it’s staff to create a computer model to accurately represent the system or process requiring analysis. The computer model is used to cost effectively identify where to apply resources to ‘solve’ problems and potentially save capital. These types of models will rapidly evaluate multiple processes to achieve desired targets before clients commit to significant capital expenditures.

STC will involve the customer every step of the way in its approach to solving the client’s problem. STC’s proven approach encompasses an on-site meeting to first discuss the system/process definition. We will then co-develop a functional specification with objectives, assumptions, system description, and approval verification. We will next move to the data collection phase to gather all pertinent information required to build the ‘Baseline’ simulation model. Once developed and validate by the client. STC will proceed to analyze and optimize the information in order to provide the customer with a complete package consisting of: recommendations, documentation, and training.


Our experience on similar projects have resulted in the following potential benefits:

  • 25% – 40% reduction in operating cost
  • 25% – 35% reduction in floor space
  • 20% – 60% improvement in total product process time
  • 20% – 30% savings in capital investment

Our software has helped some of our customers generate millions of dollars in revenue.